Lost 3 lbs, then gained it back?

So I started the week off strong. I lost 3 lbs!!! So you can imagine how excited I was. Now I know some of you might be thinking it’s just water weight. Perhaps you’re right. But still. 3 lbs in 4 days due to clean eating, working out and breastfeeding. That’s amazing to me.

Except I gained it all back. I’m back at my starting weight. Usually I wouldn’t be sweating it but I’m trying to win my money back! Oh did I mention I put a deposit down so in order to get it back I have to lose at least 20 lbs in 6 weeks? So now can you understand why I’m stressing over this? Ha!

So here are the reasons I came up with as to why I probably gained the weight back:

  • Stress at work
  • I ate a vegan brownie (cuz if you know me, home girl has a biiiiig sweet tooth)
  • I’m not doing fasted cardio as much as the plan wants me to

Can someone please motivate me? I need a support system more than ever! ❤️😣

What it’s like to be a full-time mama

This week has been rough. I mean it’s only Wednesday! HOWWW?!

This week is also my first week back to the grind of working out. I mean reaaally working out. Not my post-pregnancy ‘oh-I-did-10-reps-I-broke-a-sweat-my-body-can’t-handle-anymore’ work outs. So naturally my body is exhausted.

I came home to a baby who missed me like crazy but I was disgustingly sweaty. I had to save my kisses for later. So I jumped into the shower and heard my lil mama cry till I was done showering. Rough. I mean we both wait 12 hours to be reunited only for me to give her a little teaser.

While I love that I’m starting to pick myself back up and become who I was before, I feel like with being a full-time working mother, balancing time for work, myself, my significant other, and my child has been difficult. I now lay next to my beautiful daughter (don’t judge me for co-sleeping!) and I’m pretty sad I only saw her awake for 2 hours…

I know I seem like a little biaaatch complaining just after 3 days but it seriously breaks my heart being away from my lil nugget for 12+ hours. Anyone have tips on how to balance my time?

Losing the baby weight

8 months after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, I decided I wanted to lose the baby weight for several reasons:

  • I want my body back
  • I want to be confident again
  • To stop throwing pity parties for myself
  • Learn to love myself again
  • Oh, and did I mention I want my body back?

The list goes on forever. I’ve been trying to get myself back to the gym but I kept making excuses. Plus I found myself missing my baby girl like crrrrrazy! So anytime I had free time, I would throw any potential plans out the door so I can spend time with my baby #newmomlife.

After awhile I realized that I am an insane person and that I was starting to become more like my mother (God bless her for being the most genuine and caring person in the world). My mom loves her kids so much to the point where she never really puts herself first. She really doesn’t even know how to take care of herself.

So I decided to join this fitness challenge called P2P — Lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks! I know some people might think this isn’t the healthiest, especially since I’m breastfeeding, but rest assured, I am still eating like a crazy except this time, it’s a very HEALTH diet. I want to document this so that I could look back and say I did it! It’s finally time to put MYSELF first.

Obviously my daughter still comes first, but my health and fitness should always be a priority too. WHY? Because working out was my passion, and I feel like I abandoned half of myself… which led to me feeling like I’m not myself. I am ready to commit myself to both MY body and MY family.

Stay tuned…