Lost 3 lbs, then gained it back?

So I started the week off strong. I lost 3 lbs!!! So you can imagine how excited I was. Now I know some of you might be thinking it’s just water weight. Perhaps you’re right. But still. 3 lbs in 4 days due to clean eating, working out and breastfeeding. That’s amazing to me.

Except I gained it all back. I’m back at my starting weight. Usually I wouldn’t be sweating it but I’m trying to win my money back! Oh did I mention I put a deposit down so in order to get it back I have to lose at least 20 lbs in 6 weeks? So now can you understand why I’m stressing over this? Ha!

So here are the reasons I came up with as to why I probably gained the weight back:

  • Stress at work
  • I ate a vegan brownie (cuz if you know me, home girl has a biiiiig sweet tooth)
  • I’m not doing fasted cardio as much as the plan wants me to

Can someone please motivate me? I need a support system more than ever! ❤️😣

What it’s like to be a full-time mama

This week has been rough. I mean it’s only Wednesday! HOWWW?!

This week is also my first week back to the grind of working out. I mean reaaally working out. Not my post-pregnancy ‘oh-I-did-10-reps-I-broke-a-sweat-my-body-can’t-handle-anymore’ work outs. So naturally my body is exhausted.

I came home to a baby who missed me like crazy but I was disgustingly sweaty. I had to save my kisses for later. So I jumped into the shower and heard my lil mama cry till I was done showering. Rough. I mean we both wait 12 hours to be reunited only for me to give her a little teaser.

While I love that I’m starting to pick myself back up and become who I was before, I feel like with being a full-time working mother, balancing time for work, myself, my significant other, and my child has been difficult. I now lay next to my beautiful daughter (don’t judge me for co-sleeping!) and I’m pretty sad I only saw her awake for 2 hours…

I know I seem like a little biaaatch complaining just after 3 days but it seriously breaks my heart being away from my lil nugget for 12+ hours. Anyone have tips on how to balance my time?